How CrowdCollect Works

CrowdCollect is our data collection system. CrowdCollect is a transformational networking technology that allows devices like the SimpleSUM and SimplePLUG to connect their data to the Internet at almost zero cost in regions of the world with unreliable electricity and connectivity.


Low Cost

CrowdCollect devices cost less per device and have no service plan fees like satellite or cellular plans. They do not require base stations like LoRa systems.

High Reliability

Automation works great until it doesn't, then you can be in a lot of trouble. CrowdCollect is a human-in-the-mix system which means it has all of the robust error solving of a human ingenuity.

Low Power Draw

Our wireless devices only need to transmit data a few meters and only in bursts. This dramatically reduces power drain, leading to years of battery life instead of hours.


The Data Collection Process

Our proven data collection method works anywhere in the world with high reliability at a low cost

  1. SimpleSUM or SimplePLUG records raw data on the device and stores it locally until a phone passes nearby.
  2. The Geocene app passively collects Bluetooth data when a phone passes near a household with a Geocene sensor. This works even if the app is in the background and the phone is in a pocket.
  3. Once the phone is connected to WiFi or a reliable cellular connection (such as in a town or city), it automatically uploads the data to the cloud.
  4. The Geocene Cloud analyzes, summarizes, and reports your data, proving your project's impact.

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