Trusted Monitoring and DMRV for Cookstoves


Combustion SimpleSUM

Our tried and true temperature-based SimpleSUM. This rock-solid device is the most reliable and cost-effective way to verify cookstove usage.

Electric SimplePLUG

Our electric SimplePLUG verifies usage, adds PAYGo functionality, and monitors grid power quality. SimplePLUG enables affordable ultra-clean cooking for all.

How It Works

My Passion

World Leading Expertise

I'm Dr. Danny Wilson. I am a scientist and a global expert in validating cookstove usage. More than that, clean cooking is my cause. I've dedicated my professional life to reducing emissions from cooking.

  • I started Geocene in 2016 to find a better way to monitor cookstove usage.
  • I earned my PhD from University of California, Berkeley, where I am currently on the faculty.
  • I have had my research on stove usage monitoring published in dozens of peer-reviewed articles and books. I have been cited hundreds times.
  • I've used my expertise to design better software, hardware, and statistical models for proving the impacts of cookstove projects.
  • I consider my superpower to be my ability to surround myself with smart and hardworking people. I've built a team of the very best IoT engineers to build rugged, modern, low-cost devices that get the job done.

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Want a simple way to check out our tech? We will air express ship 3 SUMs to you anywhere in the world and help you get started with your first SUMs project for $199.

  • 3 SUMs with 10cm probes
  • No Subscription Fee
  • Free over-the-phone consultation and setup
  • Worldwide Air-Express Shipping

Get started for just $199. Customs duties not included.

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