Cookstove monitoring for $2

We lease SimpleSUMs for $36 per year. Most projects only need SUMs on 5% of stoves, or about $2 per stove per year for the fleet. Another reason $2 is the magic number: for carbon finance projects, an additional $2/ton usually covers the entire cost of SUMs.


Compatible with any cookstove

Developed specifically for cookstoves and adaptable by design. Attach it to any existing traditional, improved solid fuel, and LPG stoves. Or, build it into your cookstove from the beginning.

Performs in extreme environments

Strong enough to withstand the hottest fires in the roughest environments. Sophisticated enough to measure every meal. A Stove Use Monitoring System that works, no matter the weather.

Reliable data collection

When you can’t rely on cell service, you can rely on the Geocene SimpleSUM. Smartphone app and Bluetooth connectivity allow easy and instant data collection, even without internet access.

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Specs at a glance

  • 5 year with typical usage
  • Bluetooth
  • -50°C to 500°C
  • Dustproof and waterproof(IP68)
  • Up to 1 year on-device data storage
  • Anything! Traditional, improved, LPG, ethanol, and electric
  • 10,000

    Sensors deployed


    Countries studied

    5 million

    Meals observed


    Meet the Geocene team

    We’re a seasoned team of cookstove sensor engineers who’ve deployed thousands of sensors and maintain the world’s largest cooking behavior database. Our cofounder Danny Wilson, Ph.D., is a leading expert on measuring cookstove adoption. We’ve spent the past decade transforming his expertise and our collective experience into the most sophisticated SUMS available.

    How It Works

    Low Cost and Reliable Data Collection

    Our proven data collection method works anywhere in the world with high reliability at a low cost

    1. SimpleSUM records raw data on the stove and stores it locally until a phone passes nearby.
    2. The Geocene app passively collects bluetooth data when a phone passes near a household with a Geocene sensor.
    3. Once the phone is connected to WiFi or a reliable cellular connection (such as in a town or city), it automatically uploads the data to the cloud.
    4. Geocene Cloud Service analyzes, summarizes, and reports your data, proving your project's validity

    Meter, Measure, Prove Your Impact


    Get Started

    Order a Starter Kit

    Want a simple way to check out our tech? We will air express ship 3 SUMs to you anywhere in the world and help you get started with your first SUMs project for $199.

    • 3 SUMs with 10cm probes
    • No Subscription Fee
    • Free over-the-phone consultation and setup
    • Worldwide Air-Express Shipping

    Get started for just $199. Customs duties not included.

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