A team of brilliant bay area engineers is just 1 click away
“It's a very impressive feature set to have delivered in a short amount of time. Both foundational and immediately valuable... You guys are making magic happen right now.”
Jim Ethington, Arable CEO
“Geocene has been an invaluable partner in our product development. They take the time to understand the contours of our projects in order to deliver beyond our expectations.”
Jeffrey Crosby, Picoyune CTO and Cofounder

Quickly build the right features

We specialize in connected device development including hardware, firmware, mobile devices, backend, and data science. Our team consists exclusively of engineers that communicate, cooperate, and integrate well with other groups. We find that engineers who integrate well with other teams build features that function well with components produced by other teams.

We think integrating with your team is so critical that we provide a week at no cost to you to spend time getting to know your system. During this period, we will lay the groundwork for future success. We will ask questions, listen to developers and managers, and work with you to prioritize our next steps.

We firmly believe that our listen-first approach is the best way to quickly build the right features and avoid "oops."

Avoid Oops

"Oops" is what happens when engineers work in isolation to build features. Each feature is competently built and functional - but doesn't necessarily work well as a cohesive whole. A house built in this way might look something like this: Poorly planned house with nice lights


A device built like this might have the features that customers were asking for and investors were promised, but it doesn't actually provide for that seamless user experience that you might need to succeed in the market.

We've built a lot of devices before. We'll save you time and money by partnering with your team so it is done right.

We're a partner

We're not just here to tick boxes, we know we've only succeeded when our clients look good to their investors. This isn't about flash - it's about solid foundations, readable code, good long-term decisions, and capital spent on just the right portions of the project.

Being an engineering partner means that we help you think hard about the challenges you face. Our clients tend to be nimble, ready to move as their understanding of product market fit changes over time. If you're like them, you'll appreciate our ability to adjust with you and thankful that we made the right choices from the beginning. We've spent our lifetimes solving complex problems. We can apply the lessons we've learned to your situation.

Our diverse backgrounds support our broad experience:

  • We've been on the ground floor of billion-dollar startups.
  • We've earned advanced degrees from the world's most renowned universities.
  • We've been part of well-known tech giants like Apple before they were huge.
  • We've written software tools used by millions of users.
  • We've helped clients raise multiple millions of dollars.

When you work with us, you'll work with our core team -- the same people you meet on day one will carry your project through to completion. When you work with us, you get real talent, and that's worth every penny.

Don't take our word for it

"The Geocene team have been true partners in our product development process. They've worked as an extension of our team with the same commitment and ownership as one of our own. Their deep expertise in device design allowed us to quickly navigate many challenges, and their communication has kept everything moving at record pace."
Ray Liu, Vena Vitals CEO & Co-Founder
"Working with Geocene has been really easy. Communication is fast and they have been fully engaged in our design process from component selection to layout. They have helped us make critical choices that are good for performance and cost and ultimately will make our product a success."
Maggie Rob, Spire VP of Operations

Find out if we're the partner you need

Selection for participation in the no-cost program is entirely at the discretion of Geocene, Inc. and dependent on availability. Value is determined by hours provided discounted from Geocene's full hourly rate.