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Imagine you are building a house like a tech company builds their products. How do you think they would do it?

After finding the existing housing stock underwhelming, they might decide they can do it better. Doing it better in the tech world means starting from scratch, so they'll find a new shiny ax and head off to the forest. Meanwhile, the company has to deliver that lighting feature they promised investors, so they find an overseas contractor that makes spiffy lights to make some to their specifications.

The lights eventually come in and they look pretty good, but the company's team is currently busy trying to find a mill to turn a tree into lumber so they can install proper walls and a ceiling from which to hang the lights.

Eventually, they do a quick "temporary" scaffold that will serve as walls and a ceiling. Years later, future engineers will be delicately working around the still-present scaffold, afraid to make any changes lest they bring the whole house down.

Poorly planned house with nice lights


People who build houses the right way start by hiring a general contractor that has built houses before. Good general contractors have years of experience and relationships related to grading, foundations, plumbing, lumber, roofing, and so on. They don't waste time with the basics and they plan ahead so the whole process comes together to exceed your investor's expectations.

That's us. We're sort of like the general contractor of IOT engineering. Unlike a general contractor, we do the actual development work. Like a general contractor, we have years of experience and relationships related to hardware, communications modules, mobile apps, backend systems, and data science. We think through your project and help you forsee otherwise hidden problems lurking up ahead.

We've done this before and we'll save you time and money by doing it right.

How this process works

After you submit your name and email through the contact form above, we'll reach out to schedule a get-to-know-you call. We want to get to know you and your project. If you are still interested and there is a strong fit between your project and one of our senior engineers with an available slot, we'll get started - no strings attached.

Your assigned engineer will spend up to one full-time equivalent week working with you on your project. Most clients use this time to clarify their direction and understand the decisions they will need to make when they hire engineers to build their device.

Once you're done, you can continue to work with us or go your own way - you own the work we did for you free and clear.

A PCB built in close collaboration with a partner

When we say "engineering partner,"
we mean it

We rarely build to spec. Instead, we usually help our clients decide what the specification should be in an ongoing collaborative process. We're not just here to tick boxes, we know we've only succeeded when our clients look good to their investors.

Being an engineering partner means that we help you think hard about the challenges you face. Our clients tend to be nimble, ready to move as their understanding of their market and product fit changes over time. If you're like them, you'll appreciate our ability to adjust with you. We've spent our lifetimes solving complex problems, and we can apply the lessons we've learned to your situation.

Our diverse backgrounds support our broad experience:

  • We've been on the ground floor of billion-dollar startups.
  • We've earned advanced degrees from the world's most renowned universities.
  • We've been part of well-known tech giants like Apple before they were huge.
  • We've written software tools used by millions of users.
  • We've helped clients raise multiple millions of dollars.

When you work with us, we won't offshore your project. You'll work with our core team -- the same people you meet on day one will carry your project through to completion. When you work with us, you get real talent, and that's worth every penny.

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Selection for participation in the program is entirely at the discretion of Geocene, Inc. and dependent on availability. Value is determined by hours provided discounted from Geocene's full hourly rate.