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Geocene is a consultancy that specializes in helping teams build “Internet of Things” products. We are a team of great engineers with expertise in everything an IOT device needs, including hardware, communications, mobile apps, backend systems, and data analysis platforms.

Great engineering begins by understanding each customer and their needs.

So we back up our engineering skills with exceptional customer service and local support. We listen to your problems, talk with your stakeholders, and keep you in the loop throughout your project.

We believe that combination of hard engineering skills and soft people skills sets Geocene apart.

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The Tyranny of Connected Devices...

Your customers have come to expect seamless experiences from connected devices. They expect their devices to be robust, reliable, and easy to use, yet they also expect a rich set of features. Customers expect their data everywhere and on every device at all times, and they expect that data to be accurate and timely.

Companies that fail to meet those expectations rarely succeed, yet few companies have the time or the incredible breadth of technical skill necessary to complete the full stack, and that rollout date just keeps getting closer. This challenge leads to what we call the “tyranny of connected devices.”

...and You

Many managers struggle with this tyranny. If you think you might be one, take a look at your priorities. Are you facing some tradeoffs?

If your answer is “I need them all,” we understand. And we can help.



Our motto is “work hard, do good.”

Thousands of our sensor systems are installed on aid projects that touch millions of lives around the world – often in the world’s most remote and inaccessible locations. Even so, we connect those sensors to the cloud and our machine learning platform. Our platform has automatically identified millions of events from billions of data points, allowing our clients to prove their international aid interventions were successful without wasting any time dealing with disorderly data.

We believe that many of the world’s most significant challenges can be met with great engineering, and we take that challenge seriously. We work hard for our clients so we can do good for our world.

Most of our engineers have turned down cushy jobs at major tech companies because they believe in our mission and enjoy working as part of a smart and dedicated team.

We charge $300 per hour.

Our minimum project is 160 hours.

Exceptional engineers. When you work with Geocene, you get the best people.

We’re a group of highly-trained engineers from diverse backgrounds. Among us, we have been on the ground floor of billion-dollar startups, earned Ph.Ds from the world’s most renowned universities, been part of well-known tech giants like Apple before they were huge, earned fellowships with the National Science Foundation and Fulbright, and written software tools used by millions of users.

When you work with us, we won’t outsource your project. You’ll work with our core team -- the same people you meet on day one will carry your project through to completion. When you work with us, you get real talent, and that’s worth every penny.

Not very often, but our pricing is flexible under certain circumstances. We look for long-term projects and projects that allow us to "do good" by solving important problems.

We are always searching. If you think you would be a fit for us, we would like to hear from you.